Google Assistant with Bard Expected to Arrive on Pixel in March

Steven Purnomo

google bard

Google introduced its AI-powered digital assistant, Assistant with Bard, in October 2023. The tech giant has also rolled out a new version of Google Assistant for early testing.

Assistant with Bard has now surfaced in the Pixel Tips app, suggesting that the smarter version of Google Assistant is likely to be imminent for some devices.

A leaker named Nail Sadykov shared a demo of Assistant with Bard from Google on the X social media platform. This demo video provides insights into how the feature operates after its launch.

The leaker also shared a link to the Google News page on Telegram in the X post. The post further explains the workings of Assistant with Bard.

Earlier this month, another leaker named Dylan Roussel shared some images with Android Authority showcasing the appearance of Assistant with Bard. The images reveal the UI, functions, and settings in line with the official demo in the Pixel Tips app.

Android expert Mishaal Rahman noted that the demo of Assistant with Bard in the Pixel Tips app also indicates signs of an impending release. It could potentially be part of the Pixel Feature Drop in March 2024.

Assistant with Bard has appeared slightly ahead in the Pixel Tips app, providing another glimpse into the workings of the upcoming feature.

Rahman mentioned that the new AI-backed Assistant may remain limited to Pixel phones powered by Tensor. This implies Pixel 6 and newer devices. He added that the rumored Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel Fold 2 might not get the Assistant with Bard feature.

However, these are just rumors and could turn out to be inaccurate in the coming days. It would be unusual if Google launches Assistant with Bard on all the latest Tensor-supported Pixel devices and overlooks Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet.